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This form provides the information a Commissioner requires to APPROVE an event to take place (i.e. POR 9.1b/9.1c). The Permit holder is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate Commissioner is informed about each Colony, Pack, Troop or Unit attending a nights away event (even a District or County event).

For all Nights Away experiences all of the information below should be with Wimbledon & Wandle District at least 14 days before the event in normal circumstances.

To submit your NAN, please type the details into the electronic form below for it to be sent to
Deputy DC Paul Atkins, you will receive an automated acknowledgement.
If you have any questions, please email

Permit Holder's Name

Please check the Prohibited & Restricted Areas Camping Directory of Scoutbase to ensure your site doesn’t fall within a restricted area.

Number of Nights








Type of Event

Special Activities

(eg those requiring permits)


Do you have an InTouch process in place for this event that will allow:-

1. Leaders to communicate with parents?

2. Parents to communicate with leaders?

3. Parents & participants to communicate with each other?

Please provide details of the contact who will act as liaison between leaders & the District in the event of an emergency. Name, Address & Phone Number(s).

Is your GSL / DESC aware of the event?

Other Notes or Comments

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Thank you for completing this NAN form.

Click the “Submit NAN Form” button below to send your event details to Wimbledon & Wandle District.

When you click “Submit” you will be presented with a CAPTCHA screen to enter a security code.

Once you have submitted the security code you will see an immediate automated acknowledgement of your NAN Form which contains a record of the details you have sent.

When the form has been processed your event will appear in the list of Nights Away Activities at  Please allow a few days for the list to be updated.

Group, Unit or District Section

Permit Holder’s Phone Number

Permit Holder’s email Address address

Event Leader’s Name

(if not the Permit Holder)

or Passport Holder’s Name

(if the event Leader is under 18)

Event Leader’s Phone Number Telephone

Event Leader’s email Address

Venue Name

Venue Phone Number

Venue Address

Event Start Date

Numbers Attending

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, email