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Welcome to the adult training page of the Wimbledon and Wandle website.

In order to help you support and develop our youth members Scouting offers a comprehensive adult training programme to provide you with the key skills and learning required for your role.

The training needed for each role will vary. Different roles require different amounts and types of training. There is training for those who work directly with young people on a regular basis. And for those who support and manage our volunteers The training programme is designed to build on your existing skills and knowledge supplemented by the modules and courses provided for each role. This is a mixture of mixture of mandatory, role specific and ongoing learning.

‘Initial’ Training

There are approximately 5-6 core modules which are done by all full members of the Scout Association. (Leaders, Section Assistants, Executive Committee members and Managers). The specific modules that need to be done depend on the exact role you hold.

Details of these modules can be found here.

Further information on the specific modules for each role can be obtained from the Assistant District Commissioner for Training – Alison Edwards

We then offer

Wood Badge Training for Section leaders and Assistant Section Leaders
Wood Badge Training for Managers

Assistant/Section Leader and Manager training.

The principle behind leader and manager training is to match the skills and experience you may have from previous Scouting or Girl Guiding experience, the workplace, or external training, and supplement it with the modules needed to provide you with the leadership skills required for your role. In order to do this you will be allocated a Training Adviser to support you and advise on the training needed. You will then be able to sign up for the training and courses offered by the County and the Scout Association.

First Aid training

The District offers first aid training for section Leaders and Assistants. As well as Young Leaders who are registered on the Young Leader training scheme. This training is offered approximately twice a term. First Aid training needs to be updated every three years

For further information please contact the ADC Training alison.edwards@local.gov.uk

Mandatory ongoing learning

In addition to first aid, every three years the following modules need to be updated;

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