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    Our District Team Deborah Carter District Commissioner ​ Read More Owen Purcell ADC Beavers ​ Read More Alison Edwards ADC Training ​ Read More Joshua Carter Network Commissioner ​ Read More David Coggins District Treasurer ​ Read More Dave Bixby Deputy District Commissioner ​ Read More Michele McNamara ADC Cubs ​ Read More Dan Fellowes Joint District Explorer Scout Commissioner ​ Read More Sarah Moore District Youth Commissioner ​ Read More Oliver Pusey Website Administrator ​ Read More Neil McLauchlan Deputy District Commissioner ​ Read More Tim Kerridge ADC Scouts ​ Read More Sarah Moore Joint District Explorer Scout Commissioner ​ Read More Robert Brumwell District Chair ​ Read More

  • Halloween Photo Upload | Wimbledon and Wandle

    Home Activities at Home Pumpkin Hunt Send Us Your Photos We would love to see what you have been up to at home and during the activities, therefore, we would love for you to send us your photos. By uploading your photos you are consenting to the following statement: ​ I am happy for photos, video and audio to be published of the young person in this form whilst undertaking Scouting activities across all channels. This concerns photography, video and audio footage of the young person in this form being published via the following: Group internally controlled publications and communication channels, such as online news, email, websites, newsletters, at the Group meeting place, Group social media channels, Group advertising and/or promotional material including press. ​ If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Media Team via Upload Here

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    Home About Us Digital Scouting Training Contact Us Media and Communications Team Home About Us Digital Scouting Training Contact Us Contact Us First Name Last Name Email Subject Leave us a message... Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Leader Resources | Wimbledon and Wandle

    Forms ​ Nights Away Notification This form needs to be filled in for all over night activities, including sleep overs at your own headquarters. You can submit your Nights Away Notification form online. . Click here for the online form ​ Remember to submit this form at least 14 days before your event. ​ Training ​ All Section Leaders must complete training modules 1 to 3 of Getting Started and training modules 5 to 19. All Section/Unit Assistants must complete training modules 1 to 3 of Getting Started. ​ All Group Managers and District Managers must complete training modules 1,2 & 4 of Getting Started and manager and commissioner modules relevant to their role. ​ All leaders, Section/Unit Assistants, Managers and Supporters must complete mandatory ongoing learning modules. These are Safety, Safeguarding and First Aid. ​ Exec Member Training ​ All Exec Committee members, both Group and District, are required to complete basic training to help them in their roles. ​ Please contact the ADC Training Alison Edwards for further information. Leader Resources

  • Adult Volunteers | Wimbledon and Wandle

    Adult Volunteers… ​ What do volunteers do? This everyday adventure is possible thanks to our adult volunteers, who support Scouts in a wide range of roles from working directly with young people, to helping manage a Group, to being a charity Trustee. We help volunteers get the most out of their experiences at Scouts by providing opportunities for adventure, training, fun and friendship. ​ Our award-winning training scheme for volunteers means that adults get as much from Scouts as young people. Our approach focuses on what you want to get out of volunteering with Scouts, while respecting how much time you can offer. Over 90% of Scout volunteers say that their skills and experiences have been useful in their work or personal life. ​ You can do this in various ways: By becoming an occasional helper which allows you a flexible way of providing your support. By becoming a leader and being a part of our weekly meetings in a more structured way and giving the other leaders additional support in numbers allowing for illness and other commitments which at times make it difficult for leaders to attend meetings. By becoming a member of our executive team and assist with the administrative side of running the Group. This could be as Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary or looking at opportunities for Fundraising. You can also volunteer to help with the admin for a particular section, taking the pressure off the leaders. Attend a meeting and demonstrate a skill. This could be anything from or anything else that is interesting, educational and introduces different experiences to our young people, craft, mechanical, circus, woodworking Help us with maintaining our gear and hut and improving our facilities. If you are interested in any of these opportunities and would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to We are more than happy to explain in more detail! contact us. ​ Got a question? ​ 1. Do I really have the skills you need? You don’t have to be an adventurer like Bear Grylls to get involved with Scouting. Do you have first aid knowledge? Are you good with numbers? Handy in the kitchen? Or are you a DIY whizz? We all have useful skills and you can volunteer and help in many ways. ​ 2. What if I don't have that much spare time? Volunteering with us is easy, fun and flexible – how much time you give is completely up to you. Whether you help out once a fortnight, month or term or just at special events or camps, there is bound to be a role you can play, and no matter how you get involved, we'll make sure you're properly trained and supported. ​ 3. What will I get out of volunteering? As well as gaining externally recognised skills and having a brilliant time, Scouting also offers the chance to build on personal skills, like teamwork, confidence and leadership. A study found that over 90% of our volunteers believe that the skills and experiences they have gained through Scouting have been of relevance to their working or personal lives. ​ 4. My child is in Scouting – is there anything I could do to help? The short answer is yes. Many of our helpers and leaders are parents of our youth members because they’ve seen firsthand how Scouting benefits young people and want to give something back. It’s also a chance to spend more time with your children and learn new skills. Speak to your child’s leader to discuss how you might become involved. ​ 5. Are there any age restrictions on helping out? As long as you're over 18, you can help out as an adult volunteer in Scouting. There is no upper age limit for adult volunteers. If you are aged between 14 to 18, there is the option of becoming a Young Leader. Find Out More Send Thanks! Message sent.

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