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Nights Away Notification

This form needs to be filled in for all over night activities, including sleep overs at your own headquarters.

You can submit your Nights Away Notification form online. Click here for the online form.

Remember to submit this form at least 14 days before your event. 


All Section Leaders must complete training modules 1 to 3 of Getting Started and training modules 5 to 19.


All Section/Unit Assistants must complete training modules 1 to 3 of Getting Started.

All Group Managers and District Managers must complete training modules 1,2 & 4 of Getting Started and manager and commissioner modules relevant to their role.

All leaders, Section/Unit Assistants, Managers and Supporters must complete mandatory ongoing learning modules. These are Safety, Safeguarding and First Aid.

Exec Member Training

All Exec Committee members, both Group and District, are required to complete basic training to help them in their roles.

Please contact the ADC Training Alison Edwards for further information.

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